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We are creative and strategic thinkers,
building next gen experiences.
We help brands to explore new playgrounds, connect with communities and craft
cool experiences.

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Our cool playgrounds

The world has new playgrounds of innovation. Web3, AI, Mixed Reality, Gaming and Metaverse are new frontiers to explore. It gives new ambitions and it sparks imagination. We believe it needs craft, storytelling and culturally-relevant ideas. We help brands explore these spaces with a consistent story.

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Digital identities, virtual influencers and ip storytelling
From AR to VR a new layer of reality
/Mixed reality
Culturally relevant activations and blockchain based brand programs
/Web 3
Digital brand assets, gaming experiences & metaverse explorations
Brand strategy for new social media channels


They trusted us for their first steps in this journey.


Should brands enter the Metaverse?


We’ve been invited by the French media La Réclame to talk about the Metaverse and why brands should enter this new world.

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Manifest for the post-screen era


The screen is friction. Our manifest on the upcoming post-screen era.

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20 definitions of the metaverse


Inspired by Jaron Lanier who created 52 definitions for Virtual Reality more than 30 years ago, this list explores the indefinite aspect of this concept.

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