Hennessy X.O: The epic drop





How to turn the release of the HNY Low by Kim Jones into an epic and culturally relevant web3 event?


A very exclusive sneakers

When Hennessy X.O partnered with Creative Director Kim Jones for a limited edition, they released more than just a bottle, they created the HNY Low Sneakers, the first fashion item of the house. And sneakers heads went crazy. The problem? As usual, this very limited edition will not be accessible to everyone. So we decided to turn it into an opportunity: to reach a new culture and blend communities. And this is exactly the mission oh H3NSY, the web3 platform of the Hennessy house.


The epic drop

A fair and inclusive chance to win these sneakers, but only for those who deserve it. We created three quests: a series of clues hidden online, in the H3NSY ecosystem. To launch it, we partnered with three major influencers: Two Bored Apes and one World of Women, representing the most influent communities in the NFT world. We leveraged their IP rights and we brought their avatars to life, to invite their followers to participate in this first activation of H3NSY. And they played. A lot. Hundreds of participants. Thousand of messages on the H3NSY Discord.


+ 100K organic impressions on X

+1200 messages on Discord

100% positive sentiments on social listening