Avatar 2: The immersive movie poster

Mixed reality


How to promote the most anticipated film of the decade while showcasing the immersive technologies of the Pathé cinemas?


Not just a simple movie poster.

First, we created a campaign key visual using a completely 3D design, including the avatar and the overall scene. This approach allowed us to showcase the innovation offered by these theaters. We used an agile approach to determine the optimal camera angle, enhance the visibility of the seats and screen, and apply appropriate lighting and post-production effects.


An exclusive media support

The final visual was present in every Pathé's cinema in France, to promote the technology and the experience you can live inside this movie theater. But it was also displayed on the giant facade of 286m2 at the famous shopping center Beaugrenelle Paris.

/The experience

A web AR experience based on 8th wall

To go even further, we designed a truly immersive experience linked to this poster: using 8th wall technology, we deployed an augmented reality experience available on our giant display. Developed in webAR and accessible to everyone, passersby could immerse themselves in the heart of the poster and find themselves submerged in a virtual aquatic world. A breathtaking experience available for a month to all Avatar 2 fans.