Cryptoless: dynamic NFTs for good



How to use the power of crypto to highlight the inequalities at the heart of Silicon Valley and donate to those who need it the most?

/The project

Cryptoless is a charitable NFT project that combines analog photography and web3 to help people in need.

Available on the website:, the collection comprises 600 NFTs generated from 10 portraits of homeless people living in SF. The analog pictures were taken in the streets of Tenderloin, which is sadly known as SF's neighborhood of drugs and homelessness.

/Dynamic NFTs

Each minted NFT is unique, thanks to the data evolving in real time on the picture.

All NFTs are made from one of the portraits and include a banner over the eyes displaying the Ethereum worldwide trade volume of the last 5 minutes. This interactive banner will freeze at the moment of the sale of the NFT, creating a unique art piece on the blockchain.

/The launch


The project was launched on Monday, October 10th 2022, for World Homeless Day. It was accompanied by a social media campaign led by NFT , Crypto influencers and Web3 media. OKCC was responsible for the dynamic concept of the NFTs, the website, launch strategy, and overall production.