20 Mint: The augmented newspaper

Mixed reality


How to explain to a massive audience what the metaverse could be, in an immersive and playful way?


The power of a collaborative community

In 2022, France's biggest free newspaper launched an initiative called "20Mint", an experiment to deliver the first web3 magazine for the general public. They sold 1000 NFTs, and holders were able to take part in editorial debates, content choices, and subject votes. We participated in this collaborative project and partnered with the newspaper to deliver a unique experience on the main cover.

/Our collaboration

Making the NFT visible to everyone

The NFT membership represented 1000 unique typewriters. To highlight this connection, we developed an Instagram AR filter linked to the cover of the magazine. If you scanned the QR code, you were immediately redirected to Instagram, transforming this simple magazine into a virtual but tangible experience.