H3NSY: Hennessy's web3 ecosystem





How to enable Hennessy to make a legitimate entry into the emerging world of web3

/The beginnings

Café 11, the OG community.

Everything began with the creation of Café 11, the first Web3 community of the Hennessy house, the result of a collaboration between the DAO Friends with Benefits and the Hennessy teams during a cultural event at Art Basel Miami 2022. On this occasion, we participated in the creation of the Café 11 Discord to unite the holders of the Café 11 NFT. A Discord server centered around conversations about Art, Culture, and Innovation, which served as the foundation for the development of a broader vision and Web3 ecosystem: H3NSY.

/A new ecosystem

H3NSY : building a Web3 brand

H3NSY is the name of the web3 ecosystem developed by the brand to legitimately enter this emerging cultural and technological universe. In this capacity, we have supported the brand in the design of its overall strategy, its identity, as well as in its ecosystem (website, Discord, X) and have helped them to devise a roadmap of projects and relevant content to address this new audience.

/A Web3 roadmap

From activations to co-creation

In the past year, Café 11 and H3NSY have embarked on an incredible journey filled with milestones and shared experiences. Through the Café 11 NFT, we have cultivated a vibrant community that has unlocked access to exclusive events such as NBA All-Star 2023 and the NFT Paris Conference. We have also fostered creativity by collectively designing a unique community-created cocktail and collaborating with renowned fashion designer Kim Jones for the chance to win Maison Hennessy's first-ever sneakers. Additionally, we have showcased extraordinary artwork at NFC Lisbon, offering Pichiavo NFT Airdrops and physical prints to Café 11 members. The co-creation of the Café 11 V.S.O.P spirit bottle with BlockBar and artist Joshnville has exemplified our ability to forge collaborative phygital experiences.